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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pass it Forward in Teale's Name

Mark & I ask each other all the time ~ "If you knew it would be this difficult, would you have married me?"
I'm not a person who thinks the grass is greener on the other side, but truthfully, at really tough times, I sometimes struggle to say "yes."
I wonder what life would be without the challenges our unique family faces. I know we are a very Blessed couple, with more friends & support than I probably even realize. Often I try to focus on the good, but all of us wallow sometimes.
Today I'm letting myself feel the pain, the loss & the sadness of Teale's birth. Eighteen has been a tough one, independence is not ever going to happen for Teale. She will always need our support & our care.
Having to apply for her guardianship was a process no parent wishes for when they first find out they are expecting. I, personally, found it to be very sad & somewhat degrading. I gave birth to Teale & I have always tried to do & get the best for her. Mark, Beau & I having to get fingerprinted to be her legal guardians was offensive to me. I understand the reasons, the legalities, but that doesn't take away the hurt of the process & what this action actually means..
Please "pass it forward" in honor of Teale's 18th Birthday. All I've ever wanted is for Teale's life to be a positive influence on the world & I hope & I think it has been. But your good deeds, no matter how big or how small, will lift MY soul.
Please share below your "pass it forward" story.... No hurry, take your time & lift the world with acts of love & kindness, in Teale's name. ❤️

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