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Monday, September 17, 2012

Welcome Back

Although it has been months & I need to finish my story, I woke today thinking about writing. This I have not given much thought to in months. So, I thought I would explain...
I love the Spring & Summer months out on my porch early in the morning. This Spring came especially early for my area. I was able to sit outside enjoying my morning coffee, watching the birds come to my feeders and soaking in the warmth of the sun. The peace I feel early in the morning is very spiritual for me. It is the solitude that I enjoy. My porch is one of my favorite places and a place that brings me much closeness to my God. Being able to get extra weeks out there was very special this year. The time renews my soul before the days work begins. My life of giving care to others is draining and my porch is where I refill my soul. So my blog stood silent, until today when I finally woke missing writing as much as I had missed my porch over the long Winter months...Welcome back to my crazy, loving, God filled life. I missed you.