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Sunday, August 3, 2014

My 25th Anniversary Renewal of Wedding Vows to Mark

So many memories of our life together go through my head. As I try to remember the most important thoughts and put them into words for you, I realize I can not. 

The years that have passed more quickly than I imagined, are just not able to be captured and put into a small paragraph.

The love and the life we have shared, can only be understood by us and by God. I can try to tell the stories of how we came to be here today, but the essence of our marriage is not in those stories. 

Our marriage has been one of great heartache and great joy, of losses unimaginable and miracles I never saw coming. 

We've stood by each other and we've stuck up for each other. We've cared for others people's children, for elderly friends, for people in need, for our own children and for your Mother, all the while never losing sight of the fact that only together we are strong enough to do so. 

We have put our marriage first in times of great sadness, creatively stealing moments together to stay connected. You protect and love me and I protect and love you. 

Our respect for each other is the basis of our friendship, but it is more than that, it is the ability to laugh at the times we should cry and finding fun in the mundane. 

On our Wedding invitation the inscription reads 
On this day I will marry my friend, the one who shares my dreams, life and love.

Twenty five years later, this is still true. I am proud to be your wife Mark and I promise to love you forever


  1. One of the most special parts for the vows celebration will be that our children will be there with us. But I am not aware about the vow renewal location . Please recommend some of the best locations.

  2. We did our renewal in our church, but there is no right or wrong place. I believe it is similar to a Wedding, so have your renewal where you are comfortable... Congratulations!