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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Much Needed Break

I need to write, it is something my soul craves and when I don't, I feel off. Usually I only write in the mornings, the calm house before everyone wakes calms me as I put something on paper. I've been working on our renewal of vows details almost constantly and I just needed a break. Mark and I are having a ceremony next Saturday, August 2nd to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. It isn't like we are going all out, but any large gathering takes much planning and work. The ceremony means much to me and there are many details to iron out. Mark's family is musically gifted beyond words. They will share their talents with us and the guests, but the Bradley's tend to be procrastinators and getting them to give me details has proven difficult, my Mark included. There is food to be made, flowers to be gathered, projects to be made. There are lights hung in my yard and I've bought candles for the evening. I've shopped for clothes for my "five" family for at least triple the hours than I spent looking for my dress. Spending far more money on my eleven year olds dress than my own. If you don't know me, I HATE shopping! The lists are endless and my sleep is little as I fear I will forget one more detail I suddenly remember in the middle of the night! I wrote my vows and I believe those are done. They came to me quickly like God Himself was guiding my hands on the keyboard. I keep telling myself that it will be ok, that if I forget something or there isn't enough food or drink, stores and pizza shops aren't that far. With my being Celiac, I was hoping to keep the food safe for me, but pizza is a good option if our guests are hungry. So, this was my break to clear my thoughts a little and hopefully let go of the stress I seem to be carrying today... In the end it is about Mark & I and the deep love we share, the rest is just icing on the cake! 

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