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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Day Date to Lily Dale, part 2

The rest of the ride went quickly, we were there just in time to go to The Healing Temple before the session was over. I was glad I got that advice or we would have missed the opportunity. Rushing to The Temple, I really had no idea what we were about to experience. A beautiful tree greeted us and as we got closer, I realized it was draped with short, different colored ribbons tied together. Some of the ribbons had writing on them, mostly names from what I saw. Walking inside The Temple, a women approached us with a gentle voice, explaining there were three people ahead of us. We explained it was our first time there and she explained further the process, that we could sit and watch, deciding if we wanted healing. Mark and I are no strangers to "out of the box" healing methods. After we discovered Teale's issues in utero, we had many different "healings" done. I saw a massage therapist many times who did "laying of the hands on me'" and our most unique experience was to attend a Native American Indian healing in a round house. Many people "laid hands" on my stomach and then told us about our very special baby inside me. Their "visions and messages" about Teale (and from Teale) were very accurate and we still refer back to that time, amazed at the experience. So to walk into this Temple, I knew we would both be open to a healing. We watched, read the pamphlets on the best ways to receive the healing and when the woman came to ask us if we wanted to go, Mark took the first spot open. I didn't have long to wait, until another spot was open. As the women quietly spoke to me, she asked no questions, but prayed with me, my hands in hers. I could feel that she understood me and the worry my heart has been holding. Then she let go and with my eyes closed she began moving around me, hovering her hands over different parts of me. I was aware of where she was, as sometimes she softly touched me or sometimes she just "hovered." Suddenly I was overcome with emotion, tears welled up in my closed eyes as I tried to concentrate on "receiving the healing and being calm in spirit and mind." I struggled though, as I could hear quiet sobbing and felt the pain of that person. Interestingly, after the healings were complete and I asked Mark about this, he had not heard the sobbing and I never saw who it was. My experience was fairly short and very emotional, I felt a release of pain I have been trying hard to surpress. The last few months have hurt my spirit in many ways. A loss of hope and confidence for Teale's medical well being has created much fear in me that I have found difficult to express and admit to anyone. The truth is, I have been scared, far more than I had ever been before, that I was losing my Teale, slowly. The tears fill my eyes as I type this, the pain has been kept deep inside me, terrified if I admit my fear, it will somehow come true. So as the tears ran down my face, the release of fear seemed to leave my very soul. Mark would share that he felt a surge of energy as his woman laid hands on him, but for me, it was all I could do to not sob, like the woman I thought I heard.

to be continued.... 

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