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Friday, September 4, 2015

Day Date to Lily Dale

Mark and I took a Day Date to Lily Dale this week. It had been on my bucket list for years but the couple times I mentioned it to Mark, the drive seemed too daunting to him. Two hours away on a precious Day Date means four hours of the time spent in a car. Somehow I knew he didn't really want to go, yet the urge in my heart was strong and well, if I really want to do something, good luck holding me back! Mark and I run our marriage this way, we always have, the most passionate about something, wins. So I asked Mark to take off a day that we would have until 6pm, because Teale would be in school and then at her after school program, we picked her first day of school, September 2, 2015. Getting her on the bus was easy. Teale loves her school and was happy to go see her friends, add in the fact  she got a favorite ex-bus driver back to take her and she was thrilled! After she was safely off, we packed up a few things and hit the road, just me and my best friend, off for the day on an adventure. I was super excited, knowing in my heart Mark would enjoy the day also. We hadn't prepared real well, I had looked at the website and so had Mark, but I didn't really understand how "it all worked." A few friends gave us advice and I had called a medium, inquiring about possibly doing a couples reading. The woman was very helpful and actually ended up discouraging me from setting up a reading. Her advice was to get a "healing" done at The Healing Temple and go to a few of the group readings. She said there was a lot to do and for the first visit, we may want to just explore. She really could not have been more correct in the end. The two hour drive went quickly, there's not much I like more than being "stuck" in a car, with Mark to myself. We talk easily and the time to "catch up" is precious to me. I never feel like there is a lack of things to talk about, our family is complicated and we both have much going on outside of each other. I've never truly gotten over the fact that we no longer work together. Our days doing daycare together were so much fun and I still miss the continuity of that life together. Often I am scamming, (at least in thought) trying to come up with a new way to work together, but alas, I lack the all important college degree. Anyway, the car time, to me anyhow, just seemed to fly. We made one quick pit stop at a unique rest area on the NY State thruway that brought back memories of car trips from years past. The rest area is actually in the medium of the thruway and you walk in an inclosed bridge to the center from either direction. As soon as we pulled up, it sparked memories of trips we have taken in our twenty seven years together. We have a lot of memories together and as we age, it's funny and ironic how difficult it gets to pull those memories back up. Much pre - Teale is lost for me, she takes so much of my thought and my energy, it's almost like I let go of memories before her to make room for the many medical and educational things I need to know. As we walked the bridge to the middle of the thruway, some of those old memories started flooding my mind. Moments like those are so bonding for me. The years we have spent together are what strikes many, (we are fairly young to have been married 26 years) but for me, it's all the fun we have managed to have in those years, amongst the challenges and the pain. Mark is truly my best friend, it may be cliche, but he is my rock. Mark is the person I most admire, respect and love. We know we are Blessed, we know we are unique, so the trip to Lily Dale was bound to be special.

to be continued...

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  1. Angloa! Leah calls it my favorite place to pee on trips. lol