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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hours after her terrifying birth with APGAR scores of 0, 0, 3, 5... The NICU nurses (2 of our team of 3, I am friends with on FB) took this pic for me before Teale was sent into surgery to put her intestine & colon back into her body. In this pic, Teale is in a medically induced coma, to help her body heal. She was kept in this state a few days. The surgeon, who put her intestine & colon back in & closed her up, was Dr Bob Emmen's. His daughter Kim, was a good friend in HS and beyond. Dr Scibetta was our on call, delivery room dr & his daughter, Karen, was a friend in HS & still is a friend of ours. Karen took wedding pics for us in both 1989 & at our ROV.
Next Tuesday, 12/9, this very sick infant, with a very uncertain future, turns 16 years old. I know she has no idea how much she is loved and how many people her life has touched. I'm sure it is far more than Mark & I will ever know. Thank you for all the support & love & prayers on this journey. We seriously could not & can not do it alone. It takes a village, Mark & I are Blessed!

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