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Tuesday, March 4, 2014


There are times in our lives that all we do is worry. We "keep our head down and plug through the crisis," as my friend recently said. But our minds spin and worry takes over. I've been in many crisis in my life. Not only with my daughter Teale, although those are the ones that have ripped my heart the most, but also with extended family and friends. I've seen siblings abuse drugs and alcohol, I've seen mental illness among family members, I've witnessed divorces and suicides, aging parents and young spouses of friends die. Life is not all peaches and cream, that I know well. I've walked next to friends and family in pain and I've tried to hold their hands and be their sounding boards. To me, this is an honor, to support a person you love through a crisis is what friendship is. I've been on the receiving end too, people I didn't even know understood and they carried my family through many times of great dispair. I've grown with these experiences, I've learned about love in a deeper way. I've learned about my God and how much I need that relationship, in the bad, but also in the good too. There are many worries in my life, they can engulf me, if I let them. Mark and I take life on as it hits us, a crisis may be a time to learn a new lesson or get stronger in our faith or bring someone new into our life who we need. I am somewhat idealistic. I believe in fate and that things happen for a reason. I believe we meet people and learn lessons we need to learn. I believe that Beau, Teale and Gwenn picked us because we needed them. Worry overcomes us all at times of crisis, but I work hard at letting it go and believing "it's all for a reason."

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