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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Snow Days

I'm on my second day with Teale home from school because of a blizzard. Gwenn is off too, but besides the fact that Gwenn's mere presence bugs the crude out of Teale, Gwenn is generally easy to have home. Sure, Gwenn is a preteen and not in the easiest stage of life, but Teale, Teale takes everything to a new level.  She's been very OCD over the last couple of days. She's just STUCK, replaying the same videos or small snippets of a video over and over again. It doesn't bring her peace either or it would be fine with me, as crazy as it makes me. Her replaying bores her and my suggesting something different brings out anger. I'm walking on eggshells, wanting to offer a different activity, but knowing it may just cause more problems. She would love to go out of the house, but yesterday I didn't want to be on the roads & today I'm feeling the same. Who know's, I may cave, but I just offered getting her bathed and dressed and she yelled "NO!" at me. It's like living with a ticking bomb, but it can go off multiply times in a day. Her anxiety is high with so much free time, she's not sure what to do with herself, but won't take suggestions or directions well either. I get snapped at all day long, never sure if my suggestion will be met with pleasure or anger? We could do crafts, cook, do her nails, play a game, play in the snow or watch a movie, whatever, the possibilities are endless! But instead I have PTSD from the unpredictability of her snapping at me and she has anxiety and OCD because she is stuck and has too much free time! Snow days seem like so much fun for many families, for me, I just hope to survive. 

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