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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lessons too young

Just yesterday I wrote about Beau's birth. Today Beau is mourning the first death of a friend. Molly died of a virus that apparently spread to her brain. Her family had a vibrant 16 year old girl just days ago. Their daughter played many sports, had a boyfriend and from what I can tell was very well liked by many. Today they grieve her death. Mark said to me "I don't know how I would ever get you through." I broke down in tears at the thought. Our kids are so precious to each of us, we put so much into their happiness. We pray they make good decisions, stay safe and we dream about their futures. We can all relate to the overwhelming grief of Molly's family. We can all imagine the pain because as parents we are bonded, but we can't really get it, because our kids are home with us. Our words of comfort, support and care will do very little. I picture Molly's Mom reliving the moments of her daughter's birth. Those moments of great excitement and of dreams. She is probably looking at pictures of life with her precious daughter. How could this be real. Kids in our community are experiencing a part of life we all are struggling to understand, especially when it comes so unexpectedly. My son is heartbroken and I have no words to help. I can only offer prayers, hoping the people who need them most, feel them.


  1. Thank you for having this blog. You have a gift for putting into words what most of us are struggling to define, much less verbalize. I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that Molly (Molly!) is gone. My heart is aching for her parents. Give my best to Beau. I am sorry for his loss, as well.

  2. Thank you Jan. I appreciate your feedback. Prayers to you & your family as well.