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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Me, Mark & God

I woke with much concern on my mind. Worry overwhelming my thoughts and a question of how to get through ringing over and over again. Mark is hurting and I don't know how to help. It is stuff we often deal with, but somehow it is knocking him harder this time. I feel helpless, yet I believe in keeping the faith, I believe things will get better. This is marriage, one of us down and the other one carrying the ball. We have made it through twenty five turbulent and joyous years this way. I remember times the darkness took hold of me and I just couldn't see the light, Mark was there. He would support me in my pain, comfort me and encourage me to find the good again. We will make it through, we have made it through many, many dark times. Our life together is full of love and people who care about us. I know this too will pass, Mark has taught me that, above all others, he has taught me faith. He has also taught me that somehow good always comes from bad. I believe in us and our life together being a covenant with God. I believe He is a third party in our marriage & He is really the one who puts the light back into our souls when the darkness creeps in. When I feel helpless, I try to let go of my worries and give them to God. I know holding onto worry just drains me of my positive and the good feelings that create more blessings. So as I talk myself into making today better, please say a prayer or two for my husband, Mark. I know he will feel the love and his soul will be lifted by your love. 

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