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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Happy Father's Day

To My Husband, Mark, the Father who makes me proud to be his partner!


May You Always Know, We Noticed...

We noticed your love, unending and true.

We noticed your sacrifices, so we can have & do the things we need or just want.

We noticed your strength, fair and supportive, holding us up, always.

We noticed your devotion, to your God, those & what you care about and of course, your music.

We noticed your morals, that they are unwavering and always faithful to what you believe.

We noticed your giving spirit, to anyone, you are present with them and you are kind.

We noticed how fairly you treat others, teaching compassion in everyday living.

We noticed your work ethic, working hard is not just a motto, it is a part of you.

We noticed how you observe with love and loyalty so sincere, often just taking in a moment, without words.

We noticed how unashamed you are of showing real emotion, when pain strikes your heart, you share openly.

We noticed your love, unending and true.

We may not always say it, but we notice you.

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