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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Week Before Christmas

As I walked away from the parent meeting, I saw the principal whispering to the parent group chair. The chair then quickly caught up to me and asked if I was coming to the school's Christmas party on Friday? "I didn't think the parents were invited?" was my response. They aren't, but parents come and no one says a thing. Being new to the school, stepping on toes is the last thing I want to do, so I ask more questions. She shares with me that the principal asked her to tell me to come. With that in mind, I decide bending the rules is in order and start to mull over all the concerns and details, if I pull this off. With only five days left before Christmas Eve, taking an unplanned morning at Teale's school may be tough. If I go, she will want to come home with me, which creates more problems and less time to prepare. I have the week though and I know I can try to get everything done by Friday. I decide if I hide from Teale on Friday, that will solve much. With me there she may act up, at school her behavior is very appropriate, very calm and very quiet. Although I wish my presence would add a happy medium, I know the risks are too great. With me, she may refuse to do what is expected. Hoping if I can stay out of her view, I will get a glimpse of the real "school Teale," with her friends. The week turns out to be tougher than I hope though, a Christmas card picture mess up by the store has me running back to the store several times. The cards not getting mailed as early as I had hoped and I'm burning both ends to get things done. I plug through though, knowing Friday may be much of a loss, if I go to the Christmas party. Another obstacle hits, scheduled for a repeat endoscopy, to recheck my Celiac Disease and other issues, I go into a vicious migraine and lose all of Wednesday. Thursday I have a classic migraine hangover, only those who get migraines can truly understand. It isn't as debilitating as the actual migraine, but you feel like you were hit by a truck and there is a fog surrounding you. Nothing is very clear and I move at a much slower pace. The next day is the party, will I make it, can I really "afford" the time? Luckily I have help on Thursday, Mark is home, so he shops for the last of the gifts. I also had hired a college girl from our church. She started out as a Mother's helper, occupying Teale while I got stuff done at home. We built her relationship with Teale slowly and then used her as a night sitter, so Mark and I could get out together. She has slowly become part of our family, I count on her much and she seems to enjoy being a part of our life. While I was out cold with my migraine, she was here, so Mark could go to work. She did some light housework and just made sure I was ok. I had asked her if she could come on Thursday also, since I lost Wednesday. Her college schedule being light, she helped me with wrapping on Thursday. By Friday morning, I was a bit stir crazy, I had been in the same comfy clothes for both Wednesday and Thursday. The effects of the migraine were finally really gone. I was going to Teale's school because I knew I would regret it if I didn't. Everything else that needed doing would somehow get done. (to be continued)

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