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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Finding Light in the Dark

The tough times have somehow always strengthened Mark and my relationship. I've never understood the "key to our success." I just go with the Blessing that it is.
A few weeks ago I struggled with illness, but I'm stubborn and a bit pigheaded too. I hate to be controlled by circumstances and often won't give in to such. Waking up, I knew immediately I was in trouble. The room was spinning and I was nauseous. No, I had not had "too much fun" the night before. Mark and I had been out on an unusual night date with another couple, but two glasses of wine in a four hour period should not make me spin! Anyway, it was quickly apparent I was in Vertigo and needed help ASAP. The vomiting was violent and I couldn't get control of my emotions on top of it. So much pain and confusion ran through me. The spinning was fast, like being on a small carousal going in double time. Mark called my PCP who directed us to urgent care. The thought of getting in a car was far too much for me though, so I refused, instead asking Mark for a nausea medicine I take when I'm in migraines. That wasn't kicking in though and the vomiting was just too much. So I finally agreed to let Mark help me to get dressed to go to Urgent Care. The three of us went, with no care for Teale, it was the best solution. As we drove the nausea increased and I sobbed, poor Teale couldn't stand seeing me like that and was begging her Dad to do something for me. Moments like that, when looking back, give me much pride. Teale is compassionate and has learned to care outside herself. This is a skill we never knew if she would be capable of and it still blows me away every time she displays such compassion.
By the time we hit Urgent Care the medicine had kicked in and I was doing better. They really didn't help me, but luckily I had inadvertently helped myself a lot. The nausea medicine I had taken was in the same class of medicines they prescribe for Vertigo. They did give me a shot for pain and another for nausea, saying I should go to the hospital for an MRI. I refused, just wanting to go home. I slept off the afternoon and woke Monday, not a hundred percent, but better. Pushing through and starting my week normally, I had much to accomplish. By afternoon I was struggling again, but both Tuesday and Wednesday I would push through. I had much gardening work to accomplish for friends and deadlines to meet. I'm not one who handles disappointing others well, so I got what I wanted to get done, done. Unfortunately, I also paid a price for it. My body was revolting and the dizziness and headache were back. Thursday morning I couldn't drive Teale to her nephrology appointment and Mark had to take the day off. He was done watching me struggle and vowed to get to the bottom of it. Mark is my hero, when things aren't right, this gentle giant will move mountains for me. He took Teale to her appointment and arraigned a doctor appointment for me. My girlfriend was my chauffeur until he could get to me. The doctor diagnosed vertigo with a migraine. She said the vertigo had either brought on a migraine or it actually was part of a migraine? She also concluded I was having a bad reaction to the medication that commonly controls vertigo and I had been taking all week per Urgent Care's instruction. Just to be sure, my dr ordered blood work and an MRI with and without contrast. She gave me a script for Valium to relax me and help me sleep, plus set me up with a PT to have The Eply Maneuver performed on me. The mystery would get solved, come hell or high water. Mark would take the next day off to get me to appointments and care for me. He would take on the kids, the house and all that that entails, while I healed. He would get further and further behind at his job, but tell me it didn't matter and that I was his priority. This is where we shine. We care for each other and get each other through every glitch life throws us.
I would come out of my illness with knowledge and understanding. I would know nothing serious was wrong with my health and how to deal, if there was a next time. It was just a glitch, a moment in our life together as partners.
Another chance to strengthen us for the next challenge and so on and so forth. Blessings are easy to see in the light, but when you discover the Blessings in the darkness, your whole world brightens. 

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