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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Changes & Blessings, part 8

I scooped up the box from the front porch & put it in an inconspicuous place in our garage. We would wait until a good moment to open it. A moment with the family all nearby, a moment when Teale was in a good place to accept the gift in all the love it was meant. It would be a couple evenings later before the evening was free of clutter. I called everyone together, explaining to Beau and Gwenn they will want to see Teale's reaction to this gift. I gave them a little background information and then we helped Teale to open the giant box. As she dove into the pink packing peanuts I video taped her reaction. My new iPhone in hand, I taped as she giggled her way through the packaging peanuts. I knew I wanted to capture the moments not only for myself, but mostly for Michelle and Meaghan. I planned on posting it to my Facebook page to share the story, to share the love, to show the generosity of Michelle and her family. I knew Michelle was not looking for praise from others in her generosity, I knew it was sincere and could be kept silent. But my heart told me by sharing we would touch others, by sharing the whole amazing story, someone, somewhere would also "pass it forward" and change a persons life in some way. The opening of the doll was entertaining and also touching. There were moments of joy and moments of confusion. The tape captures some of Teale's struggles and much of her humor and joy too.  When you see her OCD behavior shine through because the packaging peanuts are all over and the mess is too much for her. Her laughter as her Dad doesn't understand how to remove the hairnet from the doll. At one point Teale asks if my friend died, in such a joyous moment it is such a strange question. I have often wondered about that question, was it just because like she couldn't grasp why someone did this for her? I believe she has a depth of spirituality we do not understand and although the question is shocking to us, my bet is that there is a deeper meaning to it that we don't understand. Maybe Teale sees angels who help her and bring her joy and she thinks the angels brought the doll? Anyway, the video says far more than my words could ever say. My favorite moment was when she leans back in complete disbelief and joy as she discovers the doll. Teale shows happiness like no one else I have ever known. The doll has bonded us with a family who I am proud to know. It taught us and many others that giving is indeed far better than receiving....Now, go pay it forward...

P.S. The video would not upload at this time. I will work on it and hope to share it soon...

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  1. Giving Is FAR BETTER than receiving! The pure joy that Teale showed on that day will warm my heart forever. You are a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing that beauty and love with us. XOXO