The other night I was completely frustrated with Teale not cooperating. As Mark took over, I flipped Teale "the bird." Yes, it was horribly wrong and immature of me. But, somehow it made me feel better and no real harm was done. Teale may understand sign language better than me, but this "gesture" she didn't get. Ironically a day later, Mark was in the same boat, Teale was pushing his buttons badly. So as I took over, he used my method of frustration release and flipped her off! Teale continued to be angry at Mark as I helped her get into PJ's. Mark tried to decompress nearby on the computer but he could hear her still talking about being mad at him. Then suddenly she "flipped off" Mark and said "Stop doing that to me!" I tried to resist the laughter brewing in me, but I am embarrassed to admit, I found it hilarious! The mood was suddenly broken by all three of us laughing. Maybe we were both wrong for doing something so immature toward our disabled child but we don't claim to be saints & sometimes we all lose it!