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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Debacle

I often say something has "debacled" me & Mark often corrects me, saying there isn't such a word. Well, I have news for you, it's an Ellieism, my own personal word for a plan ruined. Today while I was out running around Gwenn, Teale debacaled Mark. That is most likely how the word came to be, because quite frankly our life has often been debacled by Teale. I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way either, it's just that we need to be a bit more flexible than most families. Often there will be a plan & then Teale debacles that plan with her own agenda. Sometimes I'm sure, her plan is better than ours, like forcing you to go outside when you just wanted to get the laundry put away. I may like her plan, but it does cause us much angst that we are often looking at too much to get done & never enough time to do it. Today Mark & Beau just wanted to practice their sax parts for church tomorrow, but as Mark told me when I walked in, "Teale happened." She is unpredictable way more often than predictable. You may think she is fine in an activity or situation, only to be suddenly, uh, not fine! That's what happened today. Mark went from playing sax to holding an out of control 12 year old until she could regain her decency! Then once she was calm she wanted a car ride, so at this moment Mark is driving around, probably listening to Justin Bieber. He probably wishing he could be doing something, anything else, besides being stuck in a car wasting time. So Mark, my word certainly fits this situation, you were indeed "debacled." I often wonder if there will come a time we actually miss these crazy days when barely anything we plan works out. After all last week I got a taste of the "other side." I spend 4 very calm days with one of my best friend's typical family. What I came home with was that; A) my life is indeed crazy, we are not over exaggerating how different it is from average people & B) that we are blessed in many different ways from the typical world.


  1. Ellie, your posts fill me with love and warmth. Teale is one lucky girl to have you and Mark for parents.

  2. Thank you Jan, it's nice to know you are so close if I ever need you!